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Field Monitoring system

Field Monitoring system

An Advancement in Laser-Powered Electric Field Probes

The FL8000 Series field probes offer a three-in-one solution capable of measuring continuous-wave, pulsed, and modulated electric fields. Covering 5 kHz – 60 GHz, the FL8000 Series works great in commercial, automotive, military, and aviation applications. Each field probe is an electrically small, separable axis sensor capable of measuring both continuous wave and pulsed electric fields offering a unique bandwidth, sensitivity, and dynamic range. Functionality that historically necessitated several types of field probes is now encompassed in a single product.

This series offers exceptional linearity and dynamic range performance to enable the accuracy required for even the most demanding testing. With fiber power connectivity, the FL8000 Series provides an easy migration path, all while delivering the reliability that has made AR the world leader in field monitoring.

The Field Probe kits contain a laser probe interface, and everything needed to operate its associated Field Probe.

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